About Us

iXport has a mission to solve one problem: Provide a B2B/wholesale-centric eCommerce solution available to both exporters and importers alike that makes exporting easy.

iXport is a technology company aiming to help SME's  start or improve their exporting endeavours by combining e-commerce with realtime data quotes for freight, foreign exchange and export documentation, thus speeding up the export sales cycle into seconds, rather than days.

iXport is a SaaS trading platform built for SME’s who export. We provide B2B e-commerce turnkey websites combined with real-time freight, forex and documentation quotes which provides a seamless and efficient end-to-end transaction. iXport is not a marketplace, as we believe in protecting your brand equity and helping those companies who don’t want to participate in this channel finding themselves just one of many selling the same product at heavily discounted prices. Furthermore, by vetting each customer on your website it gives you the control of who sees your pricing.

The platform has been built from the ground up by a founder who experienced the same pain as many SME's and has has vast knowledge in export/import. It is a modern platform that is a hosted, Software as a Service solution that is kept secure by us, meaning you don't need to worry about that or any of the other complicated bits.

Most B2B companies start with a B2C focused website but don't offer a similar e-commerce solution that addresses the needs of their overseas customers and distributors. We believe that all these tools should be in one place that serve exporters, importers, salespeople, marketers and third-party service providers. 


This allows you to focus your resources on building your business, instead of maintaining it.


Since iXport's inception, we have listened to feedback and consistently implemented and improved the platform capabilities for both exporters and importers alike, from providing real-time freight, forex and documentation quotes to designing algorithms to work out pallet and container sizes. 

Salespeople are further empowered with tools such as our ln-platform database of importers which allows them to search and connect with potential new buyers through invitation only.  We’re constantly adding to our capabilities so your team can become more efficient in your business dealings in order to run your business successfully.